Apostolic Knights Of David

Watchmen On The Walls! To secure and maintain the order of the church with integrity exhibited well by our bishop. To uphold the standard set before us and secure the safety of the people of God. Protectors of our Bishop and First Lady that they may lead with the excellence and quality we've come accustomed too. 

Deacon Terrance "Ray" Robinson (Leader)

Bro. Victor Cuington (Assistant)

Lady Carolyn Gibson

Bro. Brandon Blair

Bro. Eddie Reynolds

Bro. Edward Brandon

Bro. Peter Waters

Bro. Johnny Grant

Bro. James Erwin Jr.

Bro. London Simmons

Bro. Fred Jones

Bro. Corey Jackson

Bro. Tony Mc Gilvery

Bro. Steven King




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