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Cancer Prevention:

To minister health, hope and healing to members of Gospel Tabernacle, the community, and those in need by sharing God's love and providing encouragement and support to cancer patients, survivors and concerned love ones.

Children Of Purpose (C.O.P.):

Mentoring our children is a major priority in the daily functioning of Gospel Tabernacle Church. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to "Train up a child in the way he should Go". Here at G.T., we are constantly providing an environment where our children are trained to be servants of God, and they are able to grow in life and learn how to give back to others.

Couples Ministry:

To encourage happier, healthier Christian marriages by providing opportunities for quality spouse and family time.


Generation Next:

The youth ministry belongs to the young people. The youth leaders are overseers. Our goal is to involve them in activities that promote leadership, purity, teamwork, and taking a stand for righteousness.

Greeters Ministry:

Some say we are the word before the spoken word of God preparing our spirits for the man and women of God. We must remember we are the servant of the most high God. We are set in motion to orchestrate Love, Joy and Hugs even to those that feel not so lovable. We as Greeters must decrease and let the love of God increase in us.

Grief Ministry:

Helping Hands:

Do you have compassion and a desire to reach out to others in need? Then this is the ministry for you. If you are interested in volunteering to give back to others.

Hospitality Ministry:

New Beginnings:

Make sure each member feels the love of God truly at its best, as they began their journey of walking into the fullness of their preordained destiny.


Media Ministry:

Ministerial Staff:

The Purpose of the GT Ministerial staff is first to pray for our pastor, leadership and congregation. We are "Workman" commissioned to study scripture according to 2 Timothy 2:15 as well as the basic tenants of the church. Our charge is to encourage the members and other lay persons to be God-focused, to provide personal support to people in crisis, illness and bereavement. It is also our duty to visit the sick and elderly for prayer, counsel and comfort to them and their families in times of need and provide leadership as a team to the congregation. It is with honor that we assist with ceremonial services and ministry opportunities as needed. It is with pleasure that we put our trust in God as we withhold our pastor and leadership at Gospel Tabernacle Church.

Music Ministry:

We are the GATEKEEPERS! Conduits selected to charge the atmosphere by creating a cosmic sound. Standing in excellence and united as ONE, we willingly accept our mission to strategically guide other willing vessels to a mature place of reverence and true worship. Cheerfully we extend an invitation to accompany us as we boldly approach The Throne of Grace. Through love, we have been granted divine access, establishing a gateway for one to take part in a truly dynamic worship experience.

Get ready to be transformed!

New Member Orientation:

Designed to teach new members of Gospel Tabernacle Church family the principles of the word of God and how to live a productive, successful, and saved life as well as the order and spirit of the house.


The usher's primary purpose is to SERVE.  Our mission as the Ushers of Gospel Tabernacle Church is to serve together to demonstrate GOD's commission to us, to prayerfully promote an atmosphere where all those entering the church will feel welcomed, to meet the needs of the Pastor and congregation during service, and to keep distractions to a minimum.  We believe, "A true servant is loyal and obedient to the Master - even when it's not convenient."



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