Greeters Ministry

 Greeter's Ministry

Lady Brenda Hopkins (President)

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Some say we are the word before the spoken word of God preparing our spirits for the man and women of God. We must remember we are the servant of the most high God. We are set in motion to orchestrate Love, Joy and Hugs even to those that feel not so lovable. We as Greeters must decrease and let the love of God increase in us.

WE INSIST that visitors feel welcome.

WE INSIST that visitors be treated with the upmost respect.

WE MUST INSIST that the greeters give our visitors the highest quality of love.


Because Jesus was the best Greeter

When Jesus hung on Calvary's cross his universal language was

WELCOME to my father's house.

While Jesus hung on the post, now the Greeters stand on their post).


Lady Brenda Hopkins (President)






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